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The Luminor Pacific Fund 2 is approved under Singapore’s Global Investor Programme (“GIP”approved) administered by Contact Singapore, a joint venture between the Economic Development Board (EDB) and the Ministry of Manpower (MoM).

Luminor Pacific Fund 2 focuses its investments in sectors which it believes will be key growth sectors of the next decade.

Healthcare: Ageing demographics will see the global over-60’s population grow 3-fold in the next 50 years. This age-group, consuming between 3-5x healthcare than the rest of the population, coupled with unmet medical needs, will be a key driver in the rapid growth of the healthcare markets globally, and particularly in Asia.

Resources: The demand for natural resources, especially from China and India will remain robust over the longer term. On the supply side, many industries will gradually face bottlenecks, against a finite stock situation. Consequently, the demand/supply dynamics are favourable, and the fundamentals for the resource sector are powerful. The investment case hence for certain strategically well positioned companies will grow over time.

Others: Certain sectors are driven by common themes which are aligned with GDP growth in Asia and rising economic prosperity. The changing patterns of consumer behavior amidst a background of increasing demand for enhanced living standards create a dynamic investment landscape, giving rise to opportunities in the Consumer, Lifestyle & Infrastructure sectors.

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